Palm Springs Lounge Menu


served until 11am (see hours)

Birdie Burger $5.50
Egg with choice of ham/bacon/sausage; with cheese on a homemade bun
Grilled Cheese homemade bread $5.50
Add ham/bacon/sausage $2.50
Palm Springs $9.50
2 eggs, 1 meat (ham/bacon/sausage), with homemade toast and hash browns
The Golf Pro $12.50
3 eggs, 2 meats (ham/bacon/sausage), with homemade toast and hash browns
Homemade Toast per slice $1
Coffee free refills $1.50
Tea $1
Hot Chocolate $2
Milk $2

Homemade Fries small $4.50
large $6
Make it a poutine –we use real curds– add $4
Wings 12$/lb
Honey Garlic; Teryaki; Salt & Pepper; Lemon Pepper; BBQ; Maple Bacon; Hot
Mozza Sticks (8) with Marinara $9
Onion Rings $7.50
Sweet Potato Fries with Chipotle mayo $7.50
Deep Fried Pickle Spears (8) with Ranch $8
Salt & Pepper Ribs with Ranch $10
Soup & Bun (when available) small $5
large $8

All of our burgers are made from a hand-pressed patty, on homemade bun; sandwiches are on homemade bread

Hamburger $6.50
add cheese 0.50
Mushroom Mozza Burger $8
topped with grilled mushrooms, mozza, and mushroom sauce
BBQ Cheeseburger $8
BBQ sauce, real cheddar, mozza, and grilled onions
Chicken Finger Sandwich $8
two fingers on a bun, with greens, tomato, and mayo
BLT $7
add cheese $2
Hot Hamburger & Fries $10
handmade patty on homemade bread, smothered in gravy
Chicken Fingers & Fries with plum sauce $11
on Fridays (see hours)… Fish & Chips $11
House Garden Greens $9
seasonal fresh vegetables
Topped with dried fruits, nuts, and seeds
Served with housemade vinaigrette
Deb’s own Caesar $9
crisp Romaine, fresh parm
Served with croutons and housemade dressing
Sides / Add
Add to any meal $4
homemade fries; house greens; sweet potoato fries; homemade soup (in season); onion rings

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